Downloading from Rapidshare Using AED

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Posted by Ankush

Details available in a few days!!!!! :-)

"Play" songs at a higher volume

Friday, January 22, 2010
Posted by Ankush

Hi again readers ,... Well it has been more than two weeks since my last post and , let me share something new.. Making your Samsung Tocco louder :)

(Well not so new,, its already on internet,, but friends here you get tutorials which include pictorial representations & precautionary steps too :) )

So here we go :) (Lots of images this time :) )

Step 1- Type *#0002*28346# in your phone

Step 2- After you enter the given code, a screen will appear with message "Data loading is complete". Touch back here.

It will bring up a menu.

Step 3- Press Back & it will bring up another longer menu.

Step 4- Key in 3 to bring up SPK Config Menu.

Step 5- Then key in 4 to bring up AV-QTune (MP3) menu.

Step 6- Key in 1 to bring up SPK MP3 Vol. Menu.

Step 7- Key in 6 to change the max. Volume. **Now once you have touched 6 , after that, touch on the text box above 'OK' and 'Back' and then enter -85 (yes - eighty five) a after you touch OK again,,, You are DONE!!! **

The below image shows the changed settings (-8.5)

**For F480 default max volume is -8.5 db. For F480 I recommend 0.0 to 3.0

So to enter 0.0 your input is 00 in the text box and for 3.0 input is 30.. (Hope you get the idea now :) )

Step 8- You can always load default values. Go to step 3 again and select rebuild. you'll get the following menu
Then select 5 to rebuild all :) Hope you will like my tutorial :)

Installing java games on Samsung Tocco-F480

Saturday, January 2, 2010
Posted by Ankush

Hi readers ,

So to start with i would like to share with you how after a week long googling i finally found how to install java games on our Samsung Tocco F480 (Tocco in Italian means touch ;) ).

This tutorial is not very different from the other tutorial present online. I have just added a few points just to make sure you don't get the errors which the other users frequently complaint about.
I'll try my best to keep it simple and stick to the saying "a picture says a thousand words".

Step 1 : Well initially we need a game for the phone.Your Samsung Tocco F480 requires .jad file in addition to the .jar file of the game.Go to this link to download games with touch support.

Step 2 :Install Samsung PC Studio. (Use the CD you got with your phone or download it from here)
The following 3 steps are precautionary that you must follow in order to avoid any errors.(I am telling you this from my experience. You are free to try otherwise :) )


Step 4 :Download the drivers from here(The download also include the necessary application TkFileExplorer which will helps you in accessing the phone memory).

Step 5 : Make sure that PC suite is not running and then install the USB drivers. (I would suggest everytime you install a game , avoid running the pc suite ...And yes your PC suite will work fine with the drivers given here, so dont worry :)

Step 6 : Now that you have installed the drivers and connect your phone in "PC Studio" mode and open the TkFileExplorer.

Step 6 : Then click on the connect button and follow the instructions as in the image...

Step 7: Now in your phone memory browse to the following destination-> Phone/Exe/Java/Games

Step 8:In your hard disk browse to the folder in which you have the game. Right click on it and then click download.

Step 9: Disconnect your phone and follow the following instructions carefully.
= In your phone type *#6984125*#
= Now tap internal and give the master key *#9072641*#
= Now tap Update Java DB and you are done !!!!

Step 10 : Go to games in your phone and start playing.. :)

Information :

(i)If you only have the .jar file with you, you can still install the game by making a .jad file. Even though a lot of jad makers are present I suggest that you go to this site for creating a .jad file. After creating the file place both the jad and jar file (dont forget to give the same name for these files) in a folder and then follow the above steps.

(ii) In some games you'll get a virtual keypad , if you want to avoid that, just add the following line to the .jad file (open it with notepad) and save it.
MIDlet-Touch-Support: True