"Play" songs at a higher volume

Friday, January 22, 2010
Posted by Ankush

Hi again readers ,... Well it has been more than two weeks since my last post and , let me share something new.. Making your Samsung Tocco louder :)

(Well not so new,, its already on internet,, but friends here you get tutorials which include pictorial representations & precautionary steps too :) )

So here we go :) (Lots of images this time :) )

Step 1- Type *#0002*28346# in your phone

Step 2- After you enter the given code, a screen will appear with message "Data loading is complete". Touch back here.

It will bring up a menu.

Step 3- Press Back & it will bring up another longer menu.

Step 4- Key in 3 to bring up SPK Config Menu.

Step 5- Then key in 4 to bring up AV-QTune (MP3) menu.

Step 6- Key in 1 to bring up SPK MP3 Vol. Menu.

Step 7- Key in 6 to change the max. Volume. **Now once you have touched 6 , after that, touch on the text box above 'OK' and 'Back' and then enter -85 (yes - eighty five) a after you touch OK again,,, You are DONE!!! **

The below image shows the changed settings (-8.5)

**For F480 default max volume is -8.5 db. For F480 I recommend 0.0 to 3.0

So to enter 0.0 your input is 00 in the text box and for 3.0 input is 30.. (Hope you get the idea now :) )

Step 8- You can always load default values. Go to step 3 again and select rebuild. you'll get the following menu
Then select 5 to rebuild all :) Hope you will like my tutorial :)